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Ultrasonic Flow Tube Xonic® 10FT

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Ultrasonic Flow Tube Xonic® 10FT

Xonic 10FT is designed for very small flow measurement such as polymers, acid and some chemical liquids. Flow Tube is specially designed to extend time difference of ultrasonic signals.

  • Patented Fine Time Skill
  • Patented AR Mode Ultrasonic
  • Transit-Time Flowmeter
  • Oscilloscope Function
  • Very small flow from 0.05LPM
  • Color Graphic LCD
  • Flow Tube Materials : stainless steel 316, Teflon

Mesuring Priciples
Xonic10FT is used for measurement of very small flow with extremely low velocity. Xonic 10FT has very unique flow tube that has long flow passing tube, and each ultrasonic transducers are located at the opposite side to make maximum time ifference even at very low velocity. With such special design, Xonic 10FT measure velocity from 0.007 m/sec to 1.5 m/sec with 1.0% accuracy. Due to such unique design of Flow Tube, Xonic 10FT is very useful for high viscosity liquids, such as polymer, oil, blood, and some chemical liquids.

As highly advanced DSP technology, Xonic 10FT use Cross Correlation and FFT technologies to measure very small flow. Also, Xonic 10FT use patented AR (Anti- Round)® Mode ultrasonic transducers to keep best accuracy

Many use magnetic flowmeter for small flow, but most magnetic flowmeters can measure velocity from 0.1 m/sec. In many cases, chemical liquids applications are very small flow, and velocity is only 0.05 m/sec or even lower. In such case, Flow Tube is only solution for such small flow.


User can choose Stainless Steel 316 flow tube or Teflon flow tube. Tube sizes are 12.7mm (1/2) and 20mm (3/4).

Flow Range

  • 10FT-12-200 (12.7mm, 0.5~10 LPM)
  • 10FT-12-400 (12.7mm, 0.25~5 LPM)
  • 10FT-12-600 (12.7mm, 0.05~1.0 LPM)
  • 10FT-20-200 (19.5mm, 1.0~20 LPM)
  • 10FT-20-400 (19.5mm, 0.5~10 LPM)
  • 10FT-20-600 (19.5mm, 0.1~2 LPM)
  • Ask special flow range to Jain


  • Principle : Ultrasonic Transit-Time
  • Display : Color Graphic LCD
    Flow, Total, Signal Shape,
    Signal Strength, Delta T
  • Flow Tube : AR Mode® Transducers
  • Flow Velocity : 0.005~2.0 m/s
  • Accuracy : 1.0 %\
  • Sensitivity : 0.0003 m/s
  • Data Output : 4-20mADC, RS-232C/485
  • Datalogger : 4Mb
  • Repeatability ; 0.25%
  • Temperature :
    Flow Computer : -20 ~ +60℃
    Flow Tube : -40 ~+120℃
  • Power : DC12-24V
  • Enclosure :
    Flow Computer : IP65
    Flow Tube : IP68, Intrinsically Safe
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