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Compact Type Xonic 10 L

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Compact Type Xonic 10 L® Xonic

Xonic 10L model is very compact and cheap but all performance is same with high end model Xonic 100L. Xonic 10L model use clamp-on, patented AR mode transducers, so user can install Xonic 10L very accurately. Also, customer can use Transducer Block to eliminate any installation errors

  • AR (Anti-Round) Mode
    Ultrasonic Flowmeter
  • Transit-Time Method
  • Oscilloscope Function
  • Measure from 0.01 m/s
  • Easy & Fast Installation
  • Clamp-On Type
  • Patented Transducer Block or clamp-on transucers
  • Xonic 10LX (NEMA 7)

Transducer Block

The new design, very easyinstallation type new transducer is patented and can eliminate any installation errors by customers. Many clamp-on ultrasonic flowmeters have installation errors, so such installation require experienced engineers. But, the length of transducer block is fixed to pipe size, and no need mounting track. The size of transducer block is pre-designed as the pipe size, for example, transducer block for 50mm is about 135mm length.

Compact Electronics

Flow computer is very compact and strong. Design is very simple, and user can programe by remocon. It has two 4-
20mADC outputs, two 4-20mA inputs, and RS-232/485 communication port. Also, large graphic color display show
ultrasonic signal shape, signal strength and time difference. In case of hazardous area, use can use Xonic 10LX, explosion proof type flow computer.

Economic Flowmeter

All function is same with high end model Xonic 100L, but only price is compact. Xonic 10 can be replace any type of
flowmeters, such as magnetic flowmeters, orifice flowmeters, turbine flowmeters without pipe cutting or welding. Xonic 10L is clamp-on type, so cost for installation or repair is very simple and economical.


Xonic 10L use DSP technics – cross correlation and fast fourier transform – and it analyze ultrasonic signal with pico-seconds time resolutions. Patented AR (Anti-Round) Mode ultrasonic signal make Xonic 10L to measure even lime stone slurry, waste water, and orange sirup juice.

Xonic 10L is better for small pipe applications such as cut off block area flowmeters to monitorwater consumption and flowmeters for chemical plants. Especially, Xonic 10L can measure velocity from 0.02 m/s, so it can be used to monitor small water leakage of cities in midnight.

Transducer Block is available for 12~3000mm pipes, and material is stainless steel and special plastics. It does not need mounting tracks and can be fastened very strongly on pipe with single stainless strap.


  • Principle : Transit-Time, AR Mode®
  • Display : Color Grapic LCD,
    Flow, Total, Analog Inputs, Delta T
    Oscilloscope Graphic, Signal Strength
  • Transducer : Clamp-On
  • Velocity : 0.02~12 m/s
  • Accuracy : 1.0 % (single path)
    0.5% (dual path)
  • Sensitivity : 0.01 m/s
  • Data Output : 4-20mADC, RS-232C/485
  • Datalogger : 4Mb
  • Temperature : Flow Computer -20 ~ +60℃
    Transducer -40 ~+12℃
  • Power : 12~24VDC (AC adaptor included)
  • Enclosure : Flow Computer 10L(IP65) or
    10LX (Ex d IIB T6)
    Transducer, Water Proo
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