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Xonic 100 Ultrasonic Flowmeter

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What is Xonic 100?

Xonic 100 measure transit-time of flow and use DSP (digital signal processing) technology to analyze ultrasonic signals. This DSP technology can remove any noise from pipe and electronics. Also, Xonic 100 use Cross Correlation and
FFT (Fast Fourier Transform) technology to make very clean ultrasonic signals.
Measuring pipe is from 12 ~ 6000mm, and velocity range is from 0.02 ~ 12 m/sec. Xonic 100 can measure very slow flow, so very suitable for block flow (leak) monitoring system. Also, it has two 4-20mA inputs, so user can use this inputs to receive pressure and temperature data without PLC.

Why use Xonic 100?

Clamp-On Technology make installation very simple. User just attach clamp-on transducers onto pipe. Do not need stop water supply for installation and after service. In case of pipe change to small or big pipe, user can use existing ultrasonic flowmeter for the new pipe.
Turn-down ratio of Xonic 100 is more than 500:1. Xonic 100 is best flowmeters to check minimum flow during mid-night. Many case, flow in mid-night down to 1 M3/ hr for 100mm pipe and Xonic 100 keep accuracy. Xonic 100 use Cross Correlation technology. So such technology remove most noise from outside, and make Xonic 100 can measure liquids contains heavy air and slurry.
Xonic 100 has large color graphic LCD, and it show flow, total, analog input data (pressure, level, etc), and ultrasonic signal shape, so user can check how flowmeter works in field without oscilloscope as diagnostic functions.
Xonic 100 is dual beam or dual path is basic model. User can use as single channel flowmeter with one pair transducers, and dual channel or dual path flowmeters with two pair transducers.

Performance of Xonic 100

  • Clamp-On Transducers
  • Patented Anti-Round Tedhnology
  • Velocity is from 0.02 to 12 m/sec
  • Measure Water Contains 30% Air and Slurry
  • Oscilloscope Function
  • DSP Technology (Cross Correlation)
  • 12 Patents
  • Positive & Negative Flow Measurement
  • Two Analog Inputs for Pressure, Level
  • Self-Diagnostic Functions
  • Touch Key Programming
  • Large Color Graphic LCD Display
  • Key Lock Function
  • 500,000 Points Datalogging


  • Municipal Water, Waste Water
  • Block Flow Monitoring
  • Strong Acid, Solvent
  • Milk, Beer, Demi-water
  • Oil, Chemicals
  • Cool and Hot Water
  • Liquids contains Heavy Slurry and Air
  • Pulp, Steel Industries
  • Nuclear Power Plant
  • Sea Water


AR(Anti-Round) Mode, Transit-Time
±1.0 % single path
±0.5 % dual path
±0.02 ~ 12 m/sec
Turn Down Ratio
1000 : 1
Required Straight Run
10D upstream, 5D downstream, single path
7D upstream, 3D downstream, dual path
Two 4-20mA
Two Relays
Two 4-20mA (for pressure, temperature, etc)
8 Mbytes
Large Color Graphic LCD Display
Flow, Total, Input Data, Delta T
Ultrasonic Signal Shape, Frequen
RS-232C, RS-48
NEMA 4, IP64
Submersible, IP68


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